State Representative


My name is Ron Hood. I’m the Republican State Representative in the 78th House District. 

I firmly believe we need a State Representative who embraces the foundational values of the citizens of the 78th District—a respect for the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, economic opportunity, safe and secure communities, individual liberties, and traditional Ohio family values.

I have fought for the rights of all Ohioans to be relieved of the burdens of an ever-expanding government. During my five terms as a Representative in the Ohio General Assembly, I voted against every proposed tax increase. I battled the pork barrel spending which causes government to grow and devour our resources and our liberty. I stood firmly for the cause of life, for our Second Amendment rights, and our traditional values.

You have a choice before you on November 4th. You have the opportunity to elect a Representative who will stand strong for our shared values in the face of opposition, no matter from which side of the aisle that opposition comes. A candidate is known by his record. My record speaks clearly that I understand, share and hold dear the values of the citizens of the 78th District. I would respectfully ask for your vote to ensure that our District has solid conservative representation for the future.

Ron Hood