America First

I’m Ron Hood and I will take a stand and fight back against the left-wing Radicals who are hellbent on turning America into a Socialist hellhole with socialist policies like AOC’s economy-wrecking “Green New Deal,” or Bernie Sanders’ government-run “Medicare-for-all.”

I’ll fight back against dangerous BLM/Antifa thugs from terrorizing our churches, looting our businesses or burning down our communities.

I’ll fight back against the dangerous indoctrination of our children with the racist and anti-American “Critical Race Theory.”

I will fight DEFUND abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. Life begins at conception and not one single penny of your tax dollars should fund abortion-on-demand.

I will NEVER vote for gun control and fight against dangerous  “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws. You have a God-given right to protect yourself and your family.

I will fight to Secure the Border: Build the Wall, Fully Fund Our Border Patrol, Defund Sanctuary Cities!

The stakes are too high in 2022 for me to sit back and do nothing.

The battle against socialism is about the heart and soul of America

Its time to put America First! Vote Ron Hood for Congress!